Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hi wowaholics!


And welcome to the blog of me Kayler, guildmaster of New Beginings on Hellfire server.

I am (finally) a level 85 Shaman (main spec Elemental, second spec Resto) just beginning to get my item level high enough to do Heroics. Its been a long journey, made longer by learning how to run a guild and fit playing wow in amongst my several online jobs and large family.
Still we made it a couple of weeks ago and myself and my daughter Serphinia, also of New Beginings reached level 85 at exactly the same moment in time (a feat of mathematical engineering only Serph could pull off). We completed the final stages of our leveling journey doing the new skill Archaeology after both deciding that the Twilight Highlands was no place for an innocent Tauren to try to investigate alone!
Yaay we thought, we have made it!!! How wrong can you be??? Our guild battle-master was jubilant at our high level, but none to chuffed at our low gear score and complete nubbedness! Go back and finish the Cataclysm zones and get your reputation exalted with them so we can get your item level up, was his firm command. So off we duly trouped and at this stage I have completed every quest in Uldum, Vash Jir, Mount Hyjal and Deepholm... I am even well into being revered with the Therazane! Item level is now 333 and we have finally run our first guild raid. Admittedly it was Naxxramas, but we only had 7 of us for most of the run and we completed the whole raid with no wipes! It took us three hours, but many of us had never done it before and of the few that had there were one or two personality issues to deal with!
So having got this high, maxed my Herbalism, Alchemy, and cooking skills and earned over 30 achievement points in less than a week, I am still struggling with Twilight Highlands :D
Well...there are a lot of melee fights over there and I am still better at ranged!
I am having a little break and leveling my goblin hunter and tauren druid so I have access to a healer, tank and dps when the guild go raiding. Next raid scheduled for the end of the month is ICC (gulp), I am hoping we are all working on the practice makes perfect philosophy here.
So thats my first update on this journey, I am going to make some seperate pages, One for guild information, one for my horde toons and one for my ally toons, if you are reading this and want to join the guild on hellfire, there will soon be plenty of ways to let me know.
Meanwhile... see you back on Azeroth!

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  1. Feat of mathematical engineering... why thanks :D It did however go slightly wrong, which is the whole reason I'm doing lwing and skinning instead of engineering! :D xxx